Sandra Costello Photography

I am so excited to announce Studio SMC Photography is now Sandra Costello Photography and my new web home is Yup, I love you and I don’t care who knows it! I’m still the boss lady, the main photographer, and chief hugger running around town hugging the bits out of everyone, but now everyone will know […]

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Meghan Simone - Sandra your new site, web address, and hugging is off the charts AMAZING :) I can’t wait to hug you in person hopefully in 2013. If I wasn’t on vacation in early March and paying attention to your website more, I would have left a comment long ago. Kate did an awesome job with your head shots! I LOVE that hat :) xo (Here is a hug).

Jennifer McMenamin - We loves Sandra too!

Alison Angell - I am so excited that I WON!!! I love winning too!

Bethany Libby Wallace - Congrats on the beautiful new site Sandra! You are a great inspiration. (Beth Wallace Photography).

Kathy Laufer - Great web site. I am proud of my Sandra Costello originals. Will always cherish them.

Myleen Leary - Love the new site! I hope you have “Chief Hugger” on your new business cards. =)

Alison Angell - I LOVE when people are authentic and transparent.
CONGRATULATIONS on your new site Sandra! It is SO you!
Pick me on 3/11!

Owen Zaret - I just live that Geoff might get a satisfactory profile picture. That will bring me endless happiness.

Amy Reesman - Kick it Sandra!!!

Sandra Costello - I am peeing myself laughing!

Geoff Rice - This is my happy face.

Kara Eich-Richardson - Sandra, I am so excited for you! Anyone who knows you loves you back!

Everyone at our wedding adores you and the moments you were able to capture! Hurray!

Sandra Costello - Dude, thank you. Now you need a happier profile pic!

Geoff Rice - I love watching people I know find the courage to embrace love, believe in their dreams and follow their hearts. Like you’ve done!

Carolyn Lukasik Rodriguez - This is so exciting, Sandra! Congrats!

I love you too… and your amazing photography. People are STILL commenting on our amazing wedding photos, even just yesterday I got a comment. Definitely looking forward to displaying that Big Love on our wall! <3

Susan Taylor - fabulous, Sandra! and {you are} fabulous Sandra! I love my children and find pleasure in creating a special home with color and treasures that I have made or found~baskets, textiles, photographs.

Jessica Ares - Congratulations!

Senior Power: Ali

Last fall I spent the afternoon with my pal Rebecca of Forget me not Florist and her daughter Ali taking Ali’s senior portraits. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I had lots of assistance from Ali’s younger brother Shea and best friend Megan. If only I had that team of helpers for […]

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Brett - Love these shots!

Lord Jeffrey Inn, Amherst winter wedding: Jessica + Stephen

Long distance love. Approximately 7323 miles. To share a love so deep it can withstand that kind of distance, worry, serving one’s country, separation from your family, and lots of complications in planning your wedding is really something to celebrate, and Jessica and Stephen’s day had finally arrived. Their wedding day went off without a […]

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Danielle Mullarney - This site looks fantastic. The photos really capture the emotion and love. I feel like I was a guest at the wedding.