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A conversation with Linda of Flora-ly Studios: Doing what we love

One of the gifts of being a part of the wedding community is meeting lovely, talented people who create amazing art for their clients. Last week I got to sit down with Linda Ruel Flynn of Flora-ly Studios to talk about what we do, why we do it and what sets us apart from other professionals in […]

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Being Seen: My Portrait Session

What if you had proof you were beautiful? Something you could look to every day to stop those negative thoughts in their tracks. You know the ones: I am not enough. If I lose weight I would be prettier. Who do I think I am? This proof would serve as a daily reminder of your worth […]

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Roots Workshop 2016: Storytelling in Maine

Each year I sign up for workshops and/or retreats as a way to push myself as a photographer and as a storyteller. Last year I really wanted to get back to my photojournalism days and immerse myself in watching, sensing and capturing moments and the essence of my subjects. Connection is a big part of […]

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