Martha’s Vineyard Summer Wedding: Brittany and Tony

“It’s not how I look in the photos it’s how I feel when I look at them.” 

Brittany and Tony wed on Martha’s Vineyard, one of their favorite places, with just their parents and Brittany’s brother. They wanted a small wedding and kept the planning time short (less than three months) to simplify the process. I asked Brittany about her decision to go small and quick:

“I had always wanted to elope. Well, I shouldn’t say always since I had no intention of ever getting married… then I met Tony.  But still, I wanted a marriage, not a wedding. I am a tightly-wound, Type A control freak – huge bridezilla potential!  And I know this about myself.  I had to figure out a way to plan a wedding and be a bride that my future husband still wanted to marry. We didn’t exactly elope, but instead had a teeny, tiny wedding with less than 3 months lead time. It was perfect for us.”

I had the pleasure of working with Meg Simone Wedding Films to capture Brittany and Tony’s beautiful teeny, tiny wedding. It was an adventure filled with light, nature, love and moments that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Brittany and her mom got ready at the Hob Knob Hotel, which was right across the street from the Old Whaling Church and Atria Restaurant, where Britt and Tony’s ceremony and dinner would be held. I loved the Hob Knob for all of their funky and fun decor.

While the day was overcast and threatened rain, the rain never came and I think it was Tony’s doings. He checks the weather every day for his job and when he says it’s not going to rain, it doesn’t rain. In the photo below you’ll see my friends Meg and Dave from Meg Simone Wedding Films. If you’re looking for a team to capture the beauty of your day and to also record your thoughts and feelings about love and life, these two are the ones to hire. We had a blast working together and traveling around in Blanca, their sports mobile!Stunning, right?!When I asked Brittany what Tony’s favorite part of the day was she said:

“Tony’s absolute favorite moment was when I peeked into the sanctuary before walking down the aisle.  My dad and I were debating who stands where, who holds what, etc. and my dad’s solution was “Let’s ask Sandra!”  So I craned my head around the doorway, looking for you. Tony told me about it afterward and I said, ‘You saw that?!’ I had completely ignored the fact that everyone was standing directly at the end of the aisle staring at the doorway.  He said I had a goofy smile on my face, thinking I was sneaky and would go unnoticed.”

I love this one of Britt’s mom!Married!!!Brittany and Tony got a chance to peek at their tent and dinner set up as they made their way into Atria. It was gorgeous! See below for photos of their table before dinner began. Loved what Lynda from Dandeneau Flowers put together; she is a true artist!
Last bit of advice from Brittany: “Be realistic about who you are, what is most important to you, and the possibility of a few monkey wrenches entering the picture. If it’s beyond your control, worrying will not change anything. The wedding is just the beginning. Remember that the marriage will need time, effort, and thoughtful planning as well :)

A big shout out to Brittany and Tony and their families. We love you guys and felt so incredibly honored to be a part of your adventure. Thank you! And a thank you to the following friends who made their day absolutely amazing!

Bridal Gown: Amy Kuschel – Flair bridal shop, Boston
Hair and Makeup: Layla at Hairapy Salon
Hotel: Hob Knob Hotel, Harbor View Hotel, Edgartown
Flowers and table design: Dandeneau Flowers
Church: Old Whaling Church, Edgartown
Dinner reception: Atria Restaurant
Wedding film: Meg Simone Wedding Films
Photography: Sandra Costello Photography

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Mary Lou Pinckney - Oh my gosh! I am overwhelmed just looking at these pictures. What a beautiful couple. Your dress Brittany is fabulous! The choice of flowers, just wonderful. I am so glad to have the opportunity to look in on this very special union.

Kate Kerrigan Dawson - Meghan Simone AND Lynda Lynda Hegewald Dandeneau! What a dream team! Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple! XOXO

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Tiffany Benoit - Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Meg Simone Wedding Films - This was one awesome adventure! Incredible Sandra! Thank you for getting us involved. My favorite quote, ““It’s not how I look in the photos it’s how I feel when I look at them.” Just amazing! Such a fun loving couple :)