Sandra Costello, Chief Hugger

I’m Sandra, and I love you already.

I believe in bear hugs and brave moments. I believe you are most radiant when you are relaxed and get to be yourself. I make that happen by using my super powers to put you at ease. You are happy, quirky, sentimental, expressive and always wanting more time with the people you love.

My mom, to this day, loves to tell stories of me as a young girl inviting total strangers to dinner. Clearly, I have always been interested in connection. I love how photography always tells a story and shows that beautiful intimacy between families and people in love.

I’m going to capture the love, the silly, the awkward, the playful, the tender, the elegance, the laughter, the hugs, the mugs, and all the good stuff in between. You don’t have to strike a pose or fake a smile, but instead trust me to bring out the best in you and the ones you’re with.

Spring, summer, fall or winter, gorgeous light is always around us. It’s my greatest tool in creating beautiful and natural portraits. I try to keep things simple and fun and above all, real. When I’m capturing a wedding, I’m watching and waiting for those undeniably special moments or gently directing a portrait to help you look your best. Portrait sessions are similar. Gorgeous light, natural expressions and helping you to feel and look like your authentic self.

Whether it be a wedding, family session or a portrait of yourself, all of these things deserve to be captured with honesty. So call me, email me, or fill out the contact form found on my site. I look forward to getting to know you.

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Want to learn more about me? Check out the video below:

Chief Hugger – that’s me!

Hello! I’m Sandra, and I love you already.
Picture a cheerful kid with a bowl haircut turning to a total stranger at a grocery store and inviting them to dinner. That was me. It’s one of my mom’s favorite stories to tell, and people who know me usually aren’t surprised to hear it. When you come from a huge family, Irish on one side and Italian on the other, big dinners where everyone belongs are the norm. What’s one more person when you’ve got 44 first cousins (Come on in, random fellow grocery shopper!)

I love and accept people for who they are - that means you, too.  And we’ll get along splendidly, because you’re the kind of person who always craves more hours with the people you love. You relish togetherness and quality time, and I create photographs that help you relive memories of that time forever.

I also believe in caring for yourself as a way of caring for those you love. When you feel you’re living true to who you are, you’re more open and available for others. You’re also more relaxed and radiant, which makes for great photos - so I make it my business to give you space to be yourself. I believe in brave moments and helping you find new ways to appreciate who you are, exactly as you are.

When you work with me, you’ll quickly find yourself at ease. I know how to direct without making you feel overly posed, how to catch the things I know are most important to you - the silly, the tender, the elegant - and deliver it all with a hug on top. (You can learn how this works on my Families, Headshots, High School Seniors, Weddings and Engagements, or Brave Moments pages!)

If you’d like to get acquainted, send me an email or give me a ring. I can’t wait to hear all about you and your favorite people.

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I love you already!