Photographic products: sharing is good for the heart

photographic canvases

Each morning when I wake up I get to see these photographs of me and Brett. They were taken on a very cold December afternoon two years ago, and it is one of the best days I can remember. We got to spend some time together, dress up, and take in our relationship. Our friend and talented photographer Sarah Prall took them and we couldn’t be more grateful.

As I got up this morning I began thinking about photographs–which is not unusual–but I began to think about how we take in the photographs that celebrate our lives. If they are electronic I guess we can see them on our phones and computers but what about in those quiet moments when we’re getting ready for the day? Or when we want to sit down with family to share the memories of our wedding? I like having something tangible that I can touch and show to someone. Additionally, as I try to find time to disconnect from work and the digital world, I am so grateful for the albums and photographs that decorate my home.

These are photographs of some of the wedding albums I have created for my couples. The top one is my flush mount album and the second album is my parent album. Both are gorgeous, hand-assembled books that come in a variety of cover materials. Whenever I receive a new album in the mail I want to sit on the couch and give it the time it deserves. These books are precious and are such a special way to share a really important day in your life.

My goal for every photograph I take is to capture the love and beauty of your day or moment in time, along with the people who love you. Seeing those photos every day is a reminder of how special you and the people who love you are. Whether you decide to have me create your heirlooms or you create something yourself, I hope you’ll display your images with love.

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  • Karen Clark AndersonAugust 15, 2013 - 2:16 pm

    We just invested – and I use that work intentionally – in a beautiful, large portrait of our family walking on the beach. It cost us a lot more money than I expected it to – money I could have spend on things like furniture (still using college furniture at 40!). However, I knew the kids would never be this age again and I didn’t want to wait. I spend a lot of time looking at that picture and it reminds me about what is more important in my life and how blessed I am to have this family I love so much. I have never regret spending that money – it bring me more joy than a couch would!ReplyCancel