January 10

A new start begins with heart

I love a fresh start, a new page in my journal, an opportunity to begin again. In January and September (when school starts) I feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement for what is possible.

Start with heart

I think that same feeling can apply to a photo shoot:

  • You’ve just launched a new business and you need photographs for your web site, social media and all things marketing.
  • You’re celebrating a milestone birthday and you want gorgeous portraits of yourself.
  • You’ve just had a year of major life changes and realize you can’t let another minute go by without capturing a portrait of your family.

The desire to capture dynamic images of ourselves and those we love bring us closer to experiencing more joy in our lives. I know this because my clients tell me how they have been transformed by their photographs.

  • Esther and Trevor show their son a portrait of their snuggly family every night before he goes to sleep.
  • Diane crosses stuff off her bucket list with a vengeance because of a renewed sense of self after turning 70 and saying yes to being in the photograph after years of saying no.
  • Meg sees herself as the beautiful, capable woman she is as she establishes her business and kicks butt as a new mom.

Listening to our intuition and saying yes to to what matters can sometimes be difficult but made easier when we have proof that we matter and we deserve love and success. Wishing you great joy in 2020!

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