March 7

Cali and her Brave Moment

Cali is a survivor. She is also funny, smart, resilient, beautiful and so positive. I met Cali through her mom, Susan, who reached out about a Brave Moments photo shoot for her daughter Cali, the bravest woman she knows. And so our friendship began.

At age 26 Cali had a stroke. It happened when she was sleeping and so her roommate at the time didn’t think to check on her before going to work. When her roommate finally found her, 12 hours later, she was rushed to the hospital. Cali lost control of the right side of her body and was told she wouldn’t walk or talk again. It has been five years since leaving rehabilitation and she is walking, talking, driving and in search of a job. She lives on her own and could rule the world, in my opinion.

Cali always has a smile on her face and her perspective is all about moving forward. #calistrong is the perfect hashtag for her journey and her fundraising efforts for a device that helps her move her leg and arm. She’s still working toward the device for her arm so if you’re interested in pitching in please reach out to me.

Cali told me she loves winter and fell in love with a red gown I have in my wardrobe. We’ve had very few snow days this winter so when it began snowing on January 30th I called Cali to get herself ready for her big photo shoot! We had a gorgeous day, albeit cold, and Cali was no less then the super models you see in the high fashion magazines: graceful, cool and stunning.

Below are some photos from her shoot, as well as photos of Cali with her mom, in rehab and with some of her biggest supporters. It was such an honor to capture Cali’s brave spirit and to continue to watch her soar.

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