+ How do I prepare for my shoot?

I bet you’re excited to get this photo party started. You’ve been thinking about this for a long time and it’s finally happening. A gold star goes to you for getting it on the calendar!

What to expect: I like to keep my shoots fun, light-filled and open to whatever energizes you and your crew. Everyone is different and that means we’ll do what’s right for you. I won’t pose or arrange you like everyone else, we’ll collaborate on what feels most natural to you. Sometimes I’ll do some improv games and other times I’ll ask you silly questions. With little ones I think it’s best to plan some sort of activity during the shoot so they are engaged and feeling happy.

How to prepare:

  1. Clothing: Wear something you love. Make sure it’s comfortable and makes you feel beautiful. Solids are usually best, staying away from busy graphics and brand logos. Check out your outfit a few days before the shoot to make sure it’s looking good and doesn’t have chocolate sauce from your sundae extravaganza on it. Things happen, right?
  2. Color palette: I don’t think it’s necessary to be matchy-matchy with everyone but I do think it’s worth considering how your colors/hues work together. That also includes the style of your clothing. If everyone is wearing jeans but someone decides to wear a three-piece suit, the photo might seem a bit lopsided. Consider how everyone’s outfit works together.
  3. Haircut and/or color? If you’re thinking about a haircut or coloring your hair, plan to do it about a week before your shoot.
  4. Makeup: If you want to wear makeup, and it’s parent-approved, then I say go for it. A little pop to your features is never a bad thing.
  5. Glasses: Do your glasses transition when you’re in the sun? If you have a second pair of frames that you like and don’t transition, please bring them. Otherwise I have some tricks we can try.
  6. Expectations: I know photo shoots can feel intimidating because of the pressure we put on ourselves, but what if you let go of those expectations a little bit. My motto is less perfection, more connection. What does that mean? When you ride the wave of together-time by cuddling, being silly or having an activity to engage in, then it’s so much easier to be yourself and that ease is reflected in the photos. I promise!

Can we include our dog/cat/bird?
If your pet is camera-friendly and can hang out alone while we do other photos, then yes. Otherwise it can be challenging to wrangle an animal and get natural-looking photographs at the same time. We can talk in more detail if your fur baby is an important part of your crew.

What if it rains? 
A contingency plan for rain is always discussed when we pick a date and location. And sometimes Plan B is playing in the rain!

Want a few more ideas for wardrobe? Check out my Pinterest boards.