Pines Theater and Mill One Wedding: Jen and Jill

© Sandra Costello 2013

What can I say about these girls but they thought of everything! Starting with their creative engagement shoot at the Holyoke Children’s Museum, Jen and Jill did so much to personalize their day from embroidered sneakers, a Scrabble/Lego cake, late night footwear for energetic-heel-dancing guests, special mementos as a remembrance of Jill’s mom, and so much more. Their ceremony was held at the Pines Theater at Look Park and then the party made its way over to Mill One at Open Square in Holyoke. Since it was a couple of weeks before Halloween they had some of their younger guests create jack-o-laterns to serve as center pieces; such a fun idea!

Jen and Jill’s day was filled with lots of laughter, silliness and many emotional moments. The laughter at their ceremony was equally matched by tears of joy and memories of those not present. It was so neat to watch these ladies respond to each other as they saw each other for the first time and then when they were pronounced married.

Over the last year or so I have gotten to know these ladies well and I couldn’t be happier for them. It has been such fun capturing their personalities and the people in their lives who clearly adore them. Jen and Jill, I wish you both lots of love and happiness and hope you enjoy this sneak peek with more awesomeness to come!


Just for the record, I did not prompt these wedding party antics!Just by chance there was an Irish band playing at the park. Lucky girls!Jill doesn’t do sugar so they had a special little meatloaf cake for her to sample. Yes, it really was meatloaf:)This woman in the silver was amazing. Not only did she have the moves down but check out her footwear! Unfortunately that shoelace tripped her up and she fell. As I went to catch her I went down too. We had a good laugh and no worries, we’re both back to dancing.There was so much dancing going on, I could barely keep up. And as you continue to scroll down, I can’t even tell you what was happening beyond some Gangam Style;) You’ll see what I mean in a minute.Yes, this girl has moves but watch out because so did flying guy! Great shot by Jessica.

They even had a photo taken with Mayor Morse, the mayor of Holyoke, who just happened to drop by. How cool is that!

Special thanks to Jessica for all of her help second shooting with me, and to the following vendors for their awesomeness!

Ceremony: Pines Theater at Look Park, Northampton
Venue: Mill One at Open Square, Holyoke
Hair: DiGrigoli Salon
Live musician at ceremony: Aaron Fay
JP: Barbara Wojciehowski
DJ: Mark Harris
Video: Mark Archer
Caterer: Log Rolling
Cake: Janel Gurney

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