January 9

Professional Makeup: Is it worth it?

Sandra Before and AfterLast month I got together with some of my favorite wedding photographers and we decided it would be a good idea to update our head shots. Joanne from Joya Beauty out of New Hampshire joined us and gave each of us a beautiful makeover. She listened to what we each wanted and worked her magic.

In the past I was unsure about the difference makeup made until I met some incredible makeup artists. If you ask me now if getting your makeup done for your wedding or for a professional head shot makes a difference, I would say absolutely. Some worry they won’t look like themselves but I don’t think that’s true if you hire the right person and you convey how you want to look and feel.

Joanne did some airbrushing in addition to the beautiful application of eye makeup and I couldn’t believe how I looked. Generally I don’t like foundation but airbrushing is different. It’s light and soft and doesn’t look heavy. It felt therapeutic and hid my slight blemishes and dark circles. I felt vibrant and confident and looked like myself but better! The makeup looked gorgeous into the afternoon and evening.

The photo above was taken by my pal Leah Haydock, who easily put me at ease and captured how happy I was feeling. One of my favorite parts of working with Joanne was how she mixed up custom colors just for me. The lip color she created was perfectly suited for my skin tone and felt so natural on.

So if you’re getting married or need a professional head shot taken and contemplating makeup, check out my before and after photos. Do I look good before…well sure…but check out my after! I was transformed to reflect the professional, happy, energetic lady I am and the same can be done for you.

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