August 11

Rustic Barn Wedding at Quonquont Farm: Agatha and Thaddeus

© Sandra Costello 2015

The first time I met Agatha and Thad was on a day they had run a half marathon so needless to say I was already impressed with them before we even met. They are thoughtful, creative, stylish, and very committed to creating a lifetime of happiness for one another. I could see that love during their engagement shoot, and I could see the same tenderness in their parents when I met them during their shoot. I have asked Agatha and Thad to put into their own words the many highlights and labors of love that made their day so amazing.

If you were to pick three words to describe your day and the emotions you felt what would they be?
Best. Overwhelming. Incredible

What was your favorite part of the day?
I don’t think I can pick just one! I loved our first dance – we had been practicing it for months and while we didn’t nail it perfectly, it felt perfect nonetheless. And the speeches. And all the dancing our guests did!

Did you find yourself particularly emotional during any part of your wedding day that you didn’t expect?
I figured I would be emotional during our vows, but I did not expect to start crying the minute I was down the aisle! Our officiant’s speech was so heartfelt and beautiful, that I couldn’t hold it in for my own vows!

Can you talk about some of the special touches you added to your ceremony and why they were special to you?
Almost all of the little details at the wedding were touches that we thought very carefully about. And we’re lucky that my mom is so crafty and talented that she was able to implement them. Some of the favorites were: The photo cut out (I love doing this whenever I see it at events!); the suitcase and postcards at the welcome table; the wedding favors (we ordered these from MV salt which is where we went right after we got engaged – we had them print special labels with our names and wedding dates on them); the vodka shot ;-) (my dad wanted Belvedere vodka for his toast); and all the other details (the kids games, the speciality drink, the Dylan song, the group photo right after the ceremony)!

Can you briefly talk about why photography was an important part of your day?
This is a no brainer – photography was one of the most important things for us. I work as a photo producer for my job so it’s clearly a passion of mine. I also know that the photos are what we will have for years to come to remind us of our day and we wanted them to be stellar both in quality and in the emotions and memories they captured.

Do have any advice for future couples?
Go slow and take it all in! I may even suggest doing the “first look,” which we were hesitant about because I wanted the first time for Thad to see me to be the moment I walked down the aisle. But if we did that, I think we would’ve had more time to see our guests at social hour, which is one of the best times to mingle and chat with everyone!


This eyelash separating technique scared me at first but then I saw how skilled Agatha was at doing it and I could breathe a sign of relief. Sort of. One of the flower girls was totally into her crown. The other, not so much. © Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015Scenes from the dance floor!

© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015© Sandra Costello 2015Dream team:
Second photographer: Shana Perry
Venue: Quonquont Farm
Catering: Pepper’s Fine Catering
Desserts: Haymarket Cafe
Gown: Ulla Maija Couture purchased at The Bridal Garden in NYC
Hair: You Say I Do, We Say Up Do
Makeup: matron of honor
Suit: J. Crew Ludlow shop in NYC
Flowers: Ladyslipper Designs (bouquets), mother of bride (centerpieces)
Salt favors: MV Sea Salt
DJ: Ken Drew

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