February 27

Sandra Costello Photography: Commercial site


The winter is generally a slower time for me but this year I’ve had a lot of exciting projects keeping me busy. This includes working with educational institutions capturing some day-in-the-life photography, and collaborating with local professionals to create beautiful portraits. I wanted a special place to showcase this work and so I created www.sandracostellophotography.com. As I continue to grow this collection of images I hope you’ll keep me in mind for similar projects at all levels and ages. I have found such joy creating photographs that really make my clients shine.

People tell me I capture the kind of emotion that makes them feel like they were there when the moment happened. Others have said I am a magician but I think it has everything to do with the beauty of my subjects and the trust we have in each other. All you have to do is be yourself and I’ll capture that spirit that makes you so uniquely special.

Shine on friends!

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