Will: Class of 2018


Senior high school portraits happen at such a tender time in the lives of teenagers as well as for their parents, and I love to watch how students express themselves during their shoot. Will is self-assured, funny, conversational and was such a blast to photograph. When I met with him and his mom before his shoot he told me about where he spends his summers working: the family business, a quarry. He told me it would be a feast for a photographer because there were so many backdrops, and he was right.  The other aspect of this location that resonated with me was the connection to family and so we did a few additional portraits with Will’s family and his favorite bud, Gus the Pug.

Will’s shoot began in the shop after a long day working at the quarry. We checked out the massive tire collection, the motorcycle he’s working on, and the rock pile. Will was game for anything and as a photographer that made my job fun and super creative. Along the way we did some portraits with his parents and sister, and of course, Gus.

Senior portraits are always a unique experience. Each student is different and when they’re willing to share a part of themselves I have the opportunity to capture their unique spirit and preserve it for their families to hold onto. Rock on, Will, and congratulations class of 2018!


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