When you say yes
to being photographed,
three things happen:

You’ll have more brave moments.
Your friends will go bonkers.
And - don’t say I didn’t warn you - you’ll want to do it again.

Brave moments come in all shapes and sizes.

They show up when there’s something we want to do, and we think we can’t. (Speaking up in a meeting. Asking for a raise. Starting a business. Starting a family.) But we rally, bust through the self-doubt, and make things happen.

Being photographed is one brave moment that leads to other brave moments. You probably have photos of yourself that you feel are just “okay.” Something always feels missing, and I can tell you why: You’ve never had anyone behind a camera hold space for you. Who could accept you at your most nervous, draw out your real self, and create a photograph that reflects back who you are, and what everyone loves about you.

That’s what I do. But it doesn’t stop there.

Photos in hand, fresh confidence straightening your shoulders, things start to snowball. You’ll post an image, and friends go nuts with likes and comments. You find yourself plowing ahead with all kinds of personal and professional plans. You share a headshot and land a gig, create a dating profile, and start showing up and being seen in places you never dreamed you’d have the courage.

It’s not uncommon for clients to return to me sooner than expected. They don’t know why. All they know is that they didn’t expect the last round of magic, and they want more.

“I just want to be around you again,” they say. “I thought you took great photos, but I didn’t know you could take them of me. So we create more photos. And they use them all.

What will you do when you feel startled by your own beauty and bravery?

Tell me where you want to go:

personal branding

You love what you do, and you’re ready for more. Get a library of approachable, natural images that make people stop scrolling.

brave moments

Now is your time. You are ready to be seen. I’m here to create space for you to show up as you really are.

high school seniors

Your teen is graduating. Let me capture the child you know and love. (Aren’t you amazed at all they grew out of, and all they grew into?)


You feel a sense of time passing and you want a record of the people you cherish.

Kelly Coffey
Personal Fitness Trainer & Coach

"I have never felt more at ease while being looked at.

No photographer before or since has made me feel - and look - so beautiful."

“I love pants-splitting dance moves, laughing ‘til it hurts, fancy cocktails, bear hugs, brave moments, and you!”

This one-liner lived on the back of my business card when I first started photographing people. It wasn’t until years later that I could fully appreciate the significance of brave moments. How they’ve shaped me, and how I love watching them shape you.

Ready For Your Photo Shoot?

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01. Let’s chat

During our first call we'll get to know each other. I’ll give you the full scoop, and you can ask loads of questions.

02. Plan Your Shoot

Once you book your dream shoot we’ll discuss all the details: your goals, wardrobe, styling, and how to quiet your inner critic.

03. Your Photoshoot!

This is the day we bring your story to life. Come excited and ready for some fun!

04. Photo Reveal

Photo reveal. We’ll meet online to view your photos and select your favorites. Don’t be surprised if you love them all!


Kara Snyder
Health & Lifestyle Strategist

"When you enter Sandra's studio, it's like you enter her own comfy, little universe.

She has this magical way of pulling the best out of you and captures your spirit."

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