March 1

6 Reasons to Book an In-Studio Photoshoot

Are you waiting for the perfect day to schedule your branding or portrait photoshoot? If you live in New England, things may not go according to plan, even if you’re a weather geek watching the radar 24/7. There are too many variables, and here on Cape Cod, you might need your umbrella today, your flip-flops tomorrow, and your mittens by the weekend (you get the picture).

So why put yourself through that uncertainty when you don’t need to? You can schedule your photoshoot day with confidence and know that you have options should the weather outdoors put a damper on things.

Below I’ve shared some compelling reasons why an in-studio photoshoot can be as successful as an outdoor shoot. Keep reading, and I think you’ll agree.

Predictable Environment

Unpredictability can be fun in some situations, like roller coasters or zombies in a Halloween haunted house but not on photoshoot day.

Knowing what to expect, especially in an unfamiliar situation, can help alleviate stress and uncertainty, neither of which are desirable emotions on the day of your photoshoot. 

My climate-controlled photography studio is bright, secure, and comfortable. PLUS, I have snacks, drinks, and parking, so you don’t need to worry about lousy weather, windy conditions, or humidity that can impact your mood and the outcome of your photoshoot.

Your final images will be perfectly lit, beautiful, and natural.

Create Spaciousness and Light

Picture this. You wake up on photoshoot day, excited and ready when you peek through the blinds to discover it’s dark and dreary outside. If your photoshoot happens to land on a rainy or snowy day, you won’t have to reschedule or worry about ending up with gloomy photos. 

With plenty of big windows offering natural light, and my ability to enhance the setting with quality artificial light, I promise no one will ever know it was stormy outside.

Your final images will be perfectly lit, beautiful, and natural.

Bring your Props

Want to recreate the look and feel of your office, including your favorite mug, colorful eyeglasses, plants or dream planner? This is one of my favorite things about an in-studio photoshoot. We can replicate the vibe of your workspace, and no one will ever know it’s not your office. 

Bring your favorite business books, journal, tools of the trade or anything that feels familiar, and you’ll experience the magic of shooting indoors. Have a favorite piece of artwork, sentimental treasures, or motivational signs near your desk? Bring them! Do you like to work on the sofa with your laptop, cozy throw pillows, and a beautiful mug of tea? Bring everything!

Personalized Backdrop

Formal headshots and high-end portraits are commonly shot in front of a simple, solid-colored background. It can be challenging to find the appropriate backdrop for quality portraits when shooting outdoors or on location. But in the studio, this is easy! 

My space is intimate and beautiful, and I’ve equipped it with a selection of neutral backgrounds ideal for capturing the best version of you. Plus, we can order a backdrop to match your branding colors!

You don’t have to clean your home or office

This just might be the best reason ever to do a studio photoshoot. Leave the mess behind (not judging you) and walk into my clean and tidy studio. My space feels like a blank canvas, ready and waiting for us to tell your story.

Your home might feel familiar, but beloved pets and precious young kiddos can leave you distracted or feeling guilty about taking this time for yourself. Photoshoot day is all about you, so press pause on everyday life and lean fully into your big day in the comfort of my studio.

Plus, my studio furniture is professional and stylish without being a distraction from the star of the moment, which is YOU!

Combining In-Studio and Outdoor Locations

Many photographers have to rely on outdoor locations only, which can be limiting and sometimes disappointing. Having a studio (which is unique on  Cape Cod) means we have the best of both worlds. We can shoot indoors for part of the day and easily step outside or head to the beach later. A mix of indoor and outdoor shots will result in more variety and a versatile set of images.

Want a closer look inside my studio?

I shot this video just for you!

And if you’re already inspired and convinced, now is the perfect time to book your studio photoshoot.

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