You’re ramping up your work, and need photos to pull everything together.
You want to look great. You also want to look like YOU.

Who are these women who always seem to have a new image for every post? You want to join them…but without looking like everyone else. Even if you can’t describe ‘your’ exact look yet, you know it when you see it. Approachable images that make people stop the scroll.

This is what we do together.  I hold space for you to show up as you really are, without pushing you to look a certain way. This is your brand, not mine. I listen without judgment, help you fill in some blanks, and understand quickly all the ways you want to shine.

I deliver shots you can’t wait to see splashed across your website. In fact, these photos will open up avenues you never considered. The instant you see your gallery, you’ll have book jackets, media features, and podcast banners dancing in your head. These images help you create a new normal.

Personal Branding Session Highlights

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Here's How My Process Works:

1| Coaching Session.

I listen to your message, the personality of your brand, and who you want to serve. Still figuring it out? That’s okay. We’ll talk it through. The feel of these answers will be woven into your photoshoot.

2| Props & Mood Board.

To make sure we get the mood of your shoot right, we’ll plan out location, props, and energy. If Pinterest is your thing, I’ll create a board to share sample images, clothes, and poses you love. Not sure what to wear? I have advice and recommendations. You’ll see and feel confident that I understand exactly the look you’re after.

3| Photoshoot!

If anything surprises you on photoshoot day, it’ll be how quickly you feel comfortable. How soon you’re willing to try new things. That’s what happens when a photographer really sees you and senses what you need. It’s magic. You saw it in the other images, and I can do the same for you, too. Every time. You’ll look relaxed because you felt relaxed. (A little pampering helps - pro makeup is included in every shoot).

4| Delivery.

We’ll meet via Zoom for you to select your favorites. You’ll receive your final images within 2 weeks of your shoot, ready to drop in everywhere. The look, the colors, everything will fit - and you’re going to love what you create next.

You know what? If we quickly hop on the phone, you’ll probably know within a few minutes of talking to me whether this is right for you.

Josephine Hardman
Intuitive Healing and Business Coach

"I procrastinated for two years due to the fear of having my picture taken.

Sandra put me at ease...and the experience was so much easier than I imagined. Sandra has a true gift in helping her clients feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Nothing felt forced, overly posed, or out of tune with my original vision for my branding photos. I now have an amazing selection of gorgeous photos that truly reflect where I am in my business and what my work is about. I can't wait to share them everywhere!"

Personal Branding Case Studies

Personal Branding Case Study: Ashley Kohl
Meet Ashley Kohl

Inspirational Speaker, Entrepreneur

Industry: Personal Development

Loves helping people...grow and to remind them how amazing they are.
Goals: Receive a robust library of images for website, social media, and blog.
Unexpected ways photos came in handy: I have used them for conferences, unique gigs, and the opportunities continue to arise. They capture the essence of my sincere joy! 

Session Highlights

Personal Branding Case Study: Tiffany Hilton
Meet Tiffany Hilton

Potter, Educator

Industry: Arts

Loves helping people...
.learn how to make pottery and experience the joy of working with clay.
Celebrate her accomplishments with meaningful portraits, and design a marketing video to sell her custom dinnerware.
Unexpected ways photos came in handy:
I had my own private "grand opening" celebration for my pottery studio during covid. I wanted Sandra to capture that moment in time for me when I had just made it to the other side of a very hard year and made a pivotal decision to believe in myself and my small business. The images document a personal rite-of-passage for me. I've framed one on my desk to remind myself what I'm capable of.

Session Highlights

Personal Branding Case Study: Dana Olivo
Meet Dana Olivo

Life Coach/Slow Living Facilitator

Industry: Personal Development

Loves helping people...
create spaces, experiences, and clarity for Black women to learn how to align their values with their life, and slow down.
I needed fresh images for my new website and to relaunch my coaching business.
Unexpected ways photos came in handy:
I have loved and appreciated the responses from friends and family.

Session Highlights

Personal Branding Case Study: Mary-Moore Cathcart
Meet Mary-Moore Cathcart

Interior Designer, Artist

Industry: Design

Loves helping people...
find the material reality of living the way that feels best to them.
I wanted authentic photographs of myself that didn't feel trendy.
Unexpected ways photos came in handy:
I need photos for everything these days—Zoom, all my social media profiles, my website—you name it. To have several options has been incredibly helpful.

Session Highlights

Just need a new headshot? I've got the perfect solution.
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Stacey Shipman

Network Facilitator and Podcast Host

"I had never spent this much on photos in the past. That was the reluctance, not the picture taking part.

But in the past I never felt satisfied with the photos I got. Something was always missing, I could never put my finger on it. After working with Sandra I realized that the other photographers simply took my picture. They didn’t capture ME. Sandra did that. Sandra is fun, easy to work with and a delight! She spends the time getting to know you and your brand and what you want to accomplish with your photos."

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custom branding sessions include:

  • A Coaching Session with Sandra to clarify your message and choose your collection
  • credit toward your Collection
  • Wardrobe consultation and professional makeup
  • Transformational, Guided photoshoot
  • Photo reveal and ordering via Zoom

“It was really important that I looked relaxed and fun in my photos to reflect how care-free my portrait sessions are to my clients. Sandra nailed it between the colors and the giggles she got out of me.”

april eve | portrait photographer

"I just wanted to be photographed by you again because you make me feel great and it's so fun."

Kristen Brazalovich | Litigation Plus Liability Consultant

“We had a great time, and the pictures were exactly what I needed. Sandra took the time to listen to my goals, and then set up shots that were a perfect fit for my personal brand.”

Katy Tynan | Professional Speaker, Author & Consultant

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