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Who do you think of first when you wake up in the morning?

When you experience something incredible, whose name is on your lips when you say “Oh, I wish ____ were here!” 

I photograph you with these people.

In my huge Irish-Italian family, I’m the oldest of five kids with 44 first cousins (no, that’s not a typo).  My life has always been filled with big dinners, loud talkers, laughter, babies, stories, and food. As time passes and family changes, I become more convinced that this is life, and we can’t wait.  Today is the best day to create images of you with these people you’d walk through fire for.

Whether you came here today to fulfill an immediate need (like a Christmas card) or you feel a sense of time passing (“It’s been awhile,” “The kids were so small in our last photos!”), let’s not wait a moment longer.  Sometimes we wait for an ‘occasion’ to have photos taken, and I get it – you’re wrangling many things.  But let today be the occasion.

I make it my job to keep things simple and predictable.  You won’t feel like this whole event is relying on you to make it happen – I’ve got your back.  And from me you can expect  hugs, acceptance, total care for who you are, and compassion for what you need.  Along with electric, authentic family images! Scroll down for all the details. 

How does this work, and what does it cost?

1. Let’s get to know one another
Let’s chat!  First we’ll touch base briefly over the phone. This gives you a chance to ask initial questions, and I get to learn a bit about you.  Then we’ll set up a time to meet in person – either at my studio in Easthampton or at your home.  

During this face-to-face meeting, I’ll ask lots of open questions and listen to you describe your family, your preferences, and how you envision your images.  I’ll make suggestions for location and wardrobe, walk you through the whole process, and make you fully confident to say “Hey – this is going to be easier than I thought!”  

You’ll also get a head start on imagining how you’ll enjoy your finished images.  You’ll leaf through example albums, see wall art, receive a full price list, and get a sense of the cost, size, and quality of your options.

2. Enjoy your photoshoot
Clients describe their shoot as fun, surprisingly relaxing, and a time to connect.  After about ten minutes, any jitters dissipate and you find yourself focusing instead on the people you’re with.  I’m here to handle the work, make you laugh, and give space for you to be together – this is your turn to kick back and have fun! I have also put together a page about how to prepare for your shoot. Just click here!

(And please don’t worry – if your family has any special dynamics that you’re concerned about, I know how to discreetly and nonjudgmentally smooth things along.  You really will be surprised at how quickly and easily the session goes.)

3. Have your heart stolen in a photo reveal, then order in person.
About two weeks after your session, you’ll come to my Easthampton studio for a reveal of your images.  Once your socks have been knocked off, you’ll have a chance to revisit examples of stylish wall art and sumptuous albums and prints.  I’ll help you  decide how you want your family to enjoy your final images.  You’ll place your order during this session.  

Ordering in person is part of my service to you.  Along with display samples, I have a computer program that can virtually show you what your images will look like on your own walls.  It means you don’t have to sit at home feeling overwhelmed by options or uncertainty. 

Plus, the best way to be thrilled with your choices is to pick your images when the emotion of seeing them for the first time is still with you – your gut always tells the truth.  You’ll get everything done in one sitting, with confidence that you chose well.

4. Receive your final images and prints!
Around 3-4 weeks later, your order will be ready for pickup or drop off. I hope your favorite show isn’t on that night, because you’re going to get lost in leafing through the album again and again (the pages are kind of addictive) or returning to the room where you hung your canvases, just to see them one more time!

My specialty is creating Memory Walls for clients - a spot with perfectly-chosen prints that let you bask in the glow of your dearest ones. Here's what this can look like:

Here are a few Memory Walls in my own home:

Your session fee is $275 and includes:

  1. Personal consultation to discuss your dream shoot, wardrobe & styling guidance, and preview of photo products.   
  2. A 60+ minute photoshoot. 
  3. Photo reveal and ordering session.  

All wall art, digital files and albums are sold separately. That way you can order exactly what you want once you’ve had a chance to see the images!  All information you might need will be shared during our consultation.

Frequently Asked (Or Secretly Thought of) Questions:

1. How will I ever get everyone’s schedules together?  Maybe I should just do this later…
Ever had a house project stay undone for months, but suddenly when company tells you they’re coming, you magically get it done in a matter of hours?  

When you put something on the calendar, everything has a way of flowing to make it happen.  Let the key players know, book a day, and watch how beautifully things start coming together.  Just get in touch and we’ll get started – I make everything breezy and simple.

2. My kids can be a bit spirited/sulky/shy. What if they don’t cooperate?
Remember how I said I grew up the oldest of five kids and have 44 first cousins?  

I feel at home in any style of family chaos.  Kids seem to consistently think of me as the ‘cool’ adult and it will not faze me if they need some extra attention or coaxing.  I’ve always been able to get great images during a shoot, and if kids display their reluctance it’s usually because they haven’t figured out how much fun this is going to be yet.  I’m good at finding what changes that for them.

3. I love my family, but what if there are some interpersonal dynamics I’m concerned about?
I understand.  As mentioned above, I grew up in a large family and have seen all types of challenging interactions.  I know how to calmly and quietly manage emotions and dynamics of all kinds and keep the shoot moving. You won’t feel any judgment from me, just support.  You’re welcome to discuss any particular concerns with me during our consult. 

4. Do you have restrictions on ‘just’ family?  Can I include my (best friend/aunt/cousin/other important person)?
Your people are your people!  That looks a little different for everyone.  We will embrace whatever group you want to bring.

5. How much time does this all take?
Put it this way:  Between the friendly consult, the photoshoot, and the simple ordering session, this whole experience totals less time than one evening on the couch enjoying a double feature movie.  You’ve got this!

6. How do I get started?
Glad you asked!  Just click the button below to get in touch with me, ask any questions you like, and we’ll be on our way!