February 9

What the heck is a Branding Photoshoot? Plus, 5 Reasons Why You Need One

You’re on fire! Business is growing; you’re showing up in your zone of genius, serving your clients in a way that aligns with your purpose. 

You decide it’s time to level up and hire a photographer to get some professional headshots to make sure your prospects take you seriously. ‘YES!’ you say to yourself as you google photographers near me. ‘I’m ready to take that next step, and it feels like the right time to invest in my business.’

Let’s stop right here because I have to tell you, I already know how these things go…

  • You find your local photographer and book a headshot session.
  • After your shoot you get your headshot photos.
  • You use them for your bio, presentation, article, or guest appearance. 
  • Now what? You realize that’s it. You’ve just invested $XYZ, and now you need SO much more than just a headshot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done 1000s of headshots, and I LOVE doing them. But don’t you deserve more?

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5 Compelling reasons you need more than just a headshot

1. KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Having photos that capture your essence – that inner glow – while highlighting you as a professional, grabs your potential client’s attention. You are your brand, and showing your confidence and approachability, puts you miles ahead of the competition.

2. FINDABILITY The Web is cluttered. Did you know that quality images help your SEO? That means people can find you faster, stay on your site longer, and bring you organic traffic…without paying for ads.

3. VIRTUAL PRESENCE Let Your Essence Shine. When you have great photos of yourself, you’ll see ways to use them that you never thought of…podcasts, webinars, Zoom profiles, and even dating sites. (That’s right…we know your life is about more than business!)

4. VISUAL STORYTELLING Show, don’t tell. When you’re growing or scaling your business, you NEED to stand out. It’s much easier to look professional and consistent with a content bank of photo assets. You control the story. You become memorable. People see your style and begin to notice you all over social platforms, your website, marketing emails.

5. CREDIBILITY + QUALITY Elevate Your Brand. Professional photos tell your potential clients to expect quality from you…in your products and services, and in your interactions. They also give you the chance to share your unique personality, which is what attracts “your” people to work with you.

You deserve a branding photoshoot, and here’s why…

  • You’re a talented, creative leader or entrepreneur and the world needs more than just your sweet face! They need to ‘see’ your personality.
  • You’re building a new website, rebranding or refreshing your existing site, and your generic stock photos don’t resonate with your ideal client.
  • You lack a consistent brand presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… wherever you’re showing up.
  • You want to BE READY for anything! Opportunities sometimes pop up when you least expect them. Having a library of images you love means you don’t have to submit just any old photo of yourself.

“Sandra is a brilliant branding photographer. She understood my target audience and used that insight to drive the photoshoot. The result is SO much more than “just” a collection of photos! Pure mastery.”

Toby Myles, copywriter

How does a branding photoshoot work?

For starters, a good branding photographer should do a deep dive into your business and ask things like…

  • What are your brand values?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What do you want people to see, think, or feel when seeing your images?
  • How do you want to show up in your business?
  • Are you more formal or casual?
  • Are there parts of your appearance that you want to highlight or tone down

Getting to know as much about you as possible will set the tone for your branding photoshoot. A word of caution… if you’re interviewing photographers and they don’t ask any of these questions, buyer beware. They should be willing to go deep in understanding your business and uncovering the true you!

I’ve got a few extra pounds on me now; should I wait?

Absolutely not! 

If you need solid branding imagery now, then now is the time! It’s not necessary to chase off a few extra pounds. Your experienced branding photographer will be able to set the tone for your session in a way that puts you at ease and feeling like your authentic self. 

And if we’re being honest, your natural beauty will shine when you feel seen and understood, not when you lose those 5-pounds. Just accept that you’re a badass business woman and the only thing missing are your incredible photos to make your ideal client stop scrolling and hire you!

“I procrastinated for two years due to the fear of having my picture taken. Sandra put me at ease…and the experience was so much easier than I imagined. Sandra has a true gift in helping her clients feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera.”

Josephine Hardman Ph.D., Intuitive Healer

Investing in a branding session can feel scary

I know I’m not the only one who asks this question when I’m about to invest in something big. It means I’m a responsible adult and savvy business owner. You are too!

If you’re wondering, will a branding photoshoot be worth it? It will, and here’s why…


  • Right away, you’ll feel your power and beauty. Photoshoot day is a unique and memorable experience where you’re the star of your own show.
  • Get ready to be wowed! One-two weeks after your photoshoot, we’ll sit down and review your collection from your big day and choose your branding photos. My clients LOVE photo-reveal day!
  • Within just a few months, you’ll take your entire online presence, from “eh” to AMAZING! 
  • Your ideal client will know who you are and how your business can help them, and best of all, they’ll be excited to work with you.

Close your eyes and imagine your future, armed with fresh new photos that show just how amazing you are. How does it feel?

You’re worth it, sweet friend. Just say ‘yes’ to your future fabulousness.

If you’ve ever considered a branding photoshoot but hesitated, grab your FREE Guide: 5-Reasons you Need More than a Headshot.

Or, let’s hop on a quick call to discover why you’re holding back. I promise this will be a no-pressure call, just a casual chat between new friends. Cool?

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