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6 Simple Tips to Rock your Headshot Session

Great portraits don’t just happen. To get headshots you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with, being prepared is key. I’ve done hundreds of headshots over my career; hands down, the most successful ones resulted from thoughtful planning. The more prepared you are, the better the result and the happier you’ll be. So to help you prep, I’ve broken down the soup-to-nuts of it.

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Preparation Is Key To A Fabulous Headshot 

Planning for your photoshoot means I have questions…

Headshots are like first impressions. So for starters, how do you want people to feel when they see your photos?

  • Happy and excited to work with you? 
    Wear bright colors and playful outfits.
  • Confident in your skills as a professional? 
    Wear a dress or a suit with a pop of color or a fun accessory. 
  • Comfortable that you’re the expert but also approachable?
    Wear something you feel amazing in!

Once you book your shoot, we’ll discuss all the juicy details… your goals and personal style, and then make a plan. We’ll chat about your brand and how to prepare for your photoshoot, including personal grooming, wardrobe care, undergarments (yes, these matter!), and self-care. 

On Photoshoot Day, Relax and Plan to Have Fun

Detailed pre-shoot planning means that on the day of your photoshoot, you’ll feel fully prepared and confident that we’ve covered every detail so that you can just relax and have fun. Trust me… you’re gonna have fun!

During the shoot, remember how fabulous you are. And if you forget, I’ll remind you! I’m pretty good at that.

We’ll discuss all the details, so there’s no need to worry about a thing. You’re in good hands with me!

Practice Self-Care Before your Photoshoot

Part of feeling your best on photoshoot day is being rested and hydrated. At least 3-4 days before your big day…

  • Be sure you’re getting plenty of sleep 
  • Drink plenty of water or herbal tea 
  • Go easy with salty foods and alcohol

What to Wear on Photoshoot Day

All “rules” aside, my number one piece of advice is to choose clothing that makes you feel amazing! If you don’t love a blouse, dress, or suit, you won’t feel your best, and the camera will pick up on that. 

So Sandra, (you might be asking) what the heck should I wear?

Below are my tried and true guidelines for the best results ever! And, feel free to bring more than you think you need. We’ll par down the choices once you arrive for your shoot.


Clothing that is tailored to your body creates a sleeker look. The more definition you can create, the more we’ll see your shape. No hiding under blousy, bulky clothing, which can make you look bigger on camera. 


Keep it simple. Solid colors are your best bet because busy graphics or patterns can be distracting.

Bright Colors

Jewel tones and bright colors translate well in headshots. Consider colors that match your eyes, hair color, or hues complementary to your skin tone*. For men, a solid suit and a colored shirt is a fabulous look. White is ok, but colors can bring great energy to your shoot. 

*Not sure what colors work with your skin tone? No worries! We’ll talk about it once you’ve booked your shoot.


Scoop, cowl neck, or v-neck are great options. A cozy turtle neck sweater can also work beautifully. The photos below shows a few neckline examples.

Sleeve Length

Generally speaking, long sleeves or ¾ sleeves are a great choice, but short or no sleeves can work well, too, for a warm-weather shoot or if you’re going for a more casual look.

Clothing Preparation

Make sure clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. Try on your clothes a week before your shoot to know whether things need to be pressed and cleaned or if you need something better fit or style.

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories for your Photoshoot


All of my Personal Branding shoots and Headshot Mini-Marathons include a professional makeup artist. A pro knows how to enhance your features and make you feel confident. Avoid shimmery eyeshadows or powders and heavy foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone. 


It’s best not to experiment with a new color or style right before your photoshoot. If you plan to wax any facial hair, try to do it at least 48 hours to ensure any redness goes away.


Come with clean, manicured nails. You’d be surprised how often hands come into the frame with headshots. If you’re applying polish, I recommend neutral colors, simple buff, or French manicures. 

Eye Glasses That Transition

If your glasses transition in sunlight or bright light, or your lenses take on a lot of glare, consider bringing a second pair of glasses or frames without lenses. 

Get Ready to Rock your Headshot

Having a solid plan is your best bet for a relaxed and successful photoshoot. On the day of your shoot, leave yourself plenty of travel time, and don’t hesitate to bring an extra blouse or shirt, hairspray, or makeup, just in case.

But most of all, come ready to smile, laugh and rock your headshot!

Questions? Book a discovery call and let’s chat!

More info? Check out my Photoshoot Quick Guides for Men and Women

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