What would it be like to be photographed by someone who feels like a trusted friend – one who really knows and loves you exactly as you are?

Where you didn’t feel sized up or judged, but totally relaxed, open, and confident that the images were going to make you proud? What if you were given space to feel safely yourself, and had so much affirmation reflected back that natural radiance poured from you? What would the photos look like then?

A bold act of self-care, my Brave Moments photo shoots let you break open and feel more like your true self than you have in years – and receive stunning images of the results.

Not ‘stunning’ because of the shape of your face or the cut of your clothes. Stunning because when someone pours love and interest into you, something comes out that maybe hasn’t been let out in a while, or ever. The full, authentic you.

You’ll realize that the best images of you aren’t ones where you made sure you hit ‘your’ angle, quietly deleting the ones you don’t like and tweaking your favorite until it feels shareable. Stunning portraits come when your heart is relaxed and open, and the person behind the camera knows exactly how to bring out and catch the radiance already there. That’s what we’ll do together.

Brave Moments Highlights

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“While I’ll InstaTwitterSelfieGram myself to death with filters, I’ve been afraid of what a picture I can’t control would look like. After turning 40 last year, I especially avoided it. And now, seeing my pictures, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.”


“I find myself looking at my album now and then and just smiling. That’s me. It really is. EVERYONE loves my album. Especially me!”


“As women, I feel like we smile a lot and say yes to things we don’t want to. What I loved about the pictures Sandra took of me is that I was not always plastering a smile on my face and yet I looked like the kindest badass you’ll ever meet – she truly captured the real me ;)”


Reasons to Book

Some women book a Brave Moments session to celebrate a notable birthday or milestone. A handful are simply curious what it would feel like to see their strength and beauty through someone else’s eyes – and feel something shift inside as a result. Whatever your reason, now is the time.

Your session includes:

  • Personal consultation to discuss your dream shoot, wardrobe & styling guidance, and a preview of photo products.
  • Professional Makeup.
  • A 90 minute photoshoot.
  • Photo reveal and ordering session.

All wall art, albums, and digital files are purchased separately. You buy only what you love. 

Frequently Asked (Or Secretly Thought) Questions

I love this idea, but feel like I never have time for extra tasks. How involved will this be?

Since it’s our mission to take care of you, we handle everything we can, and only leave the fun stuff for you. You’ll get wardrobe advice, hair and makeup finished by a professional, and all the support, genuine praise, and direction you need to love every moment of the session.

The consult, the shoot, and the ordering session take about as much time as three episodes of your favorite-for-binging Netflix drama. Wouldn’t it be great to permanently change how you feel about yourself in that time?

This looks amazing. I should do it as soon as I (grow my hair out/lose weight insert desired appearance change here.)

Here’s a secret: One of the best parts of this experience lies in discovering just how much your inner beauty and allure were there all along.

They don’t only show up when you reach an arbitrary appearance goal (only to disappear again if something changes). We don’t want your sneaky inner critic to look back at the images and say “well yeah, but I had just lost weight/dyed my hair – of course I looked great!” The beauty we are photographing is always with you, it never goes away. Give yourself the gift of seeing that.

You are perfect, exactly as you are today. I can prove it if you let me show you.

I see some gallery photos with multiple people in them – what’s the story there?

A Brave Moments session can also be shaped for mothers and daughters, sisters, lesbian couples, best friends – whatever combination of beloved people would relish an affirming and joyful experience together.

I’ve never done anything like this before. It makes me a little nervous – excited, but nervous. What if I’m not exactly sure yet?

I totally get it! My best advice is to send me a note – sometimes just a little human interaction (even via email) gives you a chance for your intuition to tell you whether this is a match made in heaven. My guess is, if you’ve read this far, it is – but shoot me a note and trust me with any questions that remain. I’m happy to talk!

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