August 2

Branding your Beauty Business: Amelia Parker + Co

Location: in-studio, Sandra Costello Photography
Makeup: Amelia Parker
Wardrobe: Amelia Parker with a few items from the studio

I met the stunning Amelia at my Rock the Black Dress party in 2019 and haven’t been the same since. She is smart, savvy, and committed to making her clients look and feel their best. Amelia’s branding shoot consisted of photos of her as a Nail Tech, Makeup Artist and entrepreneur.

Amelia impressed me with her clear vision and how she wanted to present her brand. She is consistently sharing her ideas and creativity and I had much to learn from her. But not everyone has such clarity. If you’re still figuring out the details of your brand, have no fear. Together we’ll map out exactly what you’re trying to say and do, and we’ll capture all that in your branding session. Don’t miss Amelia’s marketing video at the end of this post.

Amelia’s marketing video.

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