January 3

Eva’s Story: Can a Dreaded Headshot Evolve into Something Amazing?

Does your headshot represent the real you? Do you keep putting it off because it makes you break out in hives? Eva was unsure about having her picture taken and when she finally set a date, the world shut down.

Eva, who is a graphic designer and artist, contacted me about wanting a headshot but she wanted something that felt like her: creative, relaxed yet professional. We arranged to talk on March 4th, 2020 and then scheduled her shoot for May 7th. As the date approached, we realized we would have to postpone due to the pandemic. And so we rescheduled almost a year and half later.

Eva’s experience was not unique. Everyone was canceling and rescheduling all kinds of life events. It was a super stressful time and lots of things were put on hold. During this time I was looking at what other photographers were doing and I discovered someone who was offering virtual shoots…what!? She was using Zoom through her laptop or phone to take photos of her clients.

I was intrigued so in May of 2020 I started offering virtual shoots. It was crazy and inventive and a great way for new clients to warm up to their in-person shoot. I did one with Eva and it was a blast!

Fast forward to October of 2021. We finally had a date in the books for an in-person shoot. Since our first chat in 2020 Eva had Covid, got a new job, let her silver hair grow in, and overall life was just different. So instead of a shoot at my studio, we met at the beach, one of Eva’s happy places.

Eva was joined by her husband Chris, whom I had met 10 years ago when I captured their wedding. I often suggest including your favorite person (or people) during your shoot when you’re feeling and looking your best. We began the shoot with what they referred to as their “delayed engagement shoot,” then I photographed Eva alone, and caught a few of Chris solo too. Their energy was so happy and positive, we were smiling the whole time. And what started as a headshot turned into so much more.

Here’s the thing, headshots don’t have to be boring or like everyone else’s. They can take place anywhere in whatever style suits you, and sometimes your shoot can develop into something so beautiful you create tangible art to celebrate that special memory.

During Eva and Chris’ photo reveal a couple of weeks later, Eva decided she wanted to create not one but two albums: one of her and Chris, and one of just her. YES! What better way to remember this time in their lives. Their Legacy Albums are 12×12 and hold 20 images each. Eva’s book is a distressed leather with her name blind debossed on the cover, and their album has a linen cover that displays a photo of a rock pile Chris made on the beach. I always include the date on the inside back cover so as we get older and forget things, we’re reminded of happy times. Check out photos of their very special shoot and Legacy Albums.

“Oh Sandra, The photos and albums arrived today and your work is stunning. I’m speechless and my heart is full of joy. We will cherish the memories made on this fun, mysterious, and truly unique day forever!”

Eva Stanton
portrait albums

Want to start talking about your next shoot in your happy place? Give me a call 413-427-1676 or reach out via my contact page.

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