May 14

Ivory Creek Inn and Blue Heron Restaurant Wedding: Erin and Kelly

This afternoon as I selected the photos for today’s blog post I thought about my photo choices and how those choices tell the story of my couples. I look for genuine emotion. I adore silly expressions and lovable moments. I love details that further tell the story of their life and love. And whenever I see laughter, you know it’s going into the mix.

Some of my favorite moments are the quirkiest bits of the day. Why? Because they’re real. Because it made me laugh or cringe or reminded me that we are all human. I love the real bits and always have.

Erin and Kelly could not have been any more lovable if they tried! Trekking all the way from New Mexico these ladies joined with their families and friends at the Ivory Creek Inn in Hadley for a sweet, funny and intimate ceremony. And while I could go on and on about the gorgeous weather and lovely grounds, I really want to tell you about Erin and Kelly. These ladies touched my heart and my funny bone. They are the book you don’t want to put down because each moment revealed something new about their relationship or who they were as individuals.

We met for the first time two days before their wedding but I quickly saw how they fit together and kept one another on course. I was reminded of how amazing and blessed we are when we find someone who gets us and makes this life even better than we imagined. These ladies really got each other and it was so neat to be witness to that kind of chemistry. Here are a few images of the day that spoke to my heart.


A special shout out to some pretty awesome folks who helped to make Erin and Kelly’s day amazing!
Ceremony venue: Ivory Creek Inn
Officiant: JM Sorrell
Florist: Rebecca at Forget me not Florist
Cake: Susan at Royal Icings
Hair: Firefly Salon
Reception: Blue Heron Restaurant

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