Mount Holyoke College Engagement Shoot: Brittany and Tony

The first time I met Brittany many years ago I decided there was no one as radiant as her. She is effervescent, has a natural glow, and a beautiful sense of style. Seriously, this woman has outfitted me for looking my best when shooting! A few months ago I got the call she was getting married to her beloved Tony and wanted me to join them in Italy; I couldn’t believe it! Just the three of us, how romantic:) Okay, so the wedding has been moved to Martha’s Vineyard and it’s no longer just the three of us but I am equally excited and know it’s going to be gorgeous.

These two were such sports about their engagement session. It was a super hot day and they drove a distance to be with me. They were total pros and even let me photograph them in someone’s driveway. I try not to trespass when I’m shooting but the light just drew me in, and when the owner arrived home he was so happy to see us I thought he might invite us in for dinner:) Anyway, despite the heat and bugs and general maneuvering we had a great evening together. Next week I’ll be heading to the Vineyard to capture the big day of these two beautiful people and I can’t wait!





This photo was taken right after Brittany smacked a bug off Tony’s forehead. Clearly they have a good time together:)


My engagement sessions are very strenuous. Here I asked them to show me a series of expressions very quickly. I think Brittany’s excited expression was my favorite!

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