May 2

Operation Rainbow: Celebrating Northampton’s rainbow crosswalk

Today was one of those days that I thanked my lucky stars for the work I get to do. Not that I’m typically complaining about being a photographer but when I get to release my creative energy in positive and collaborative ways with a group of awesome people, I’m a happy camper.

This morning at 6:30 a.m. I met up with some friends, some clients, and some incredible circus performers to photograph the new rainbow crosswalk in Northampton, Massachusetts. It was a crazy idea I had yesterday morning and like most ideas that enter my brain they don’t get away that easy. So I called a couple of people and they agreed to take part in Operation Rainbow.

Without Mary, the circus would not have come to town. Mary is one of my 2015 brides and she is magic. See her in the black and white striped leggings and hot pink leg warmers, she is awesome and she brought her awesome acrobatic friends with her. There are also two of my 2014 couples in the mix, an old high school friend and her hubby, Kelly Coffey–personal trainer extraordinaire–and her family, and last but not least my awesome wife. Oh yeah, and some random guy who popped into the photo below!

It’s good to give into our creative impulses, as long as you don’t drive yourself batty, and to share an appreciation for community, the place you live, and for celebrating happiness!

Happy Pride Northampton!

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